The smart lead retrieval badge scanner for trade shows worldwide

Maximise ROI

Trade shows are a financial investment whether you are an organiser or an exhibiting company.

All businesses aim to maximise the return on their investments and trade shows are no different.

Exhibiting companies look for sales leads, whilst organisers look for exhibitor retention.

Smart D8tahound helps deliver the ROI all parties are searching for.

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The primary reason for any organisation exhibiting at a trade show is sales leads.

Sales leads are one measure for calculating your ROI from exhibiting at the show and are therefore vital.

Capturing leads from trade show visitors is not complicated - or rather it shouldn't be. Smart D8tahound is the 21st Century solution to a centuries old need.

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Exhibitors participate in trade show primarily to generate sales leads.

Smart D8atahound is an uncomplicated smart-phone "app" making it effortless for exhibitors to capture sales lead data at exhibitions by converting any camera enabled 'smart-phone' into a powerful badge scanning lead retrieval device. It enables real time data capture and management for exhibitor stand personnel and their sales management.

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