What every exhibiting company needs to know about Smart D8tahound

If you only read one thing - read this:

Single low fee for as many badge scanners as you have staff on site and NO fee per lead!

The primary reason for any organisation exhibiting at a trade show is sales leads.

Sales leads are one measure for calculating your ROI from exhibiting at the show and are therefore vital.

Capturing leads from trade show visitors is not complicated - or rather it shouldn't be. Smart D8tahound is the 21st Century solution to a centuries old need.

What is Smart D8tahound?

Smart D8atahound is an uncomplicated smart-phone "app" that makes it effortless for exhibitors to capture sales lead data at exhibitions by converting any camera enabled 'smart-phone' into a powerful lead retrieval device.

Smart D8atahound is an application that works on any camera enabled smart-phone. It enables real time data capture and management for exhibitor stand personnel and their sales management.

Smart D8tahound offers you:

  • A single low fee allows you to add as many devices to your account as you like for the event so that everyone on the stand is able to easily capture visitor data
  • Customise the 'app' to the products your company is showing at the event
  • Rank the lead, take notes, schedule follow ups
  • No Wi-Fi or live 3or4G data connection needed to scan badges
  • The data is retained in a secure cloud, making it super easy to follow up hot leads after the show
  • No fee per device or fee-per-lead

What makes Smart D8tahound special?

Convenience: Exhibiting companies use their own smart phones to capture leads instead of renting traditional badge scanning hardware. Smart D8atahound can be downloaded for free from iTunes, the Google Play store or Windows App store at any time but can only be deployed on events where the organiser has commissioned the service.

Detailed Data Capture: Smart D8tahound makes it easy to add custom product questions, lead ranking, follow up scheduling as well as personalised freeform notes.

Anytime, Anywhere: With Smart D8tahound exhibitors capture leads anywhere they encounter a badge with a bar code - not just in the exhibition hall, but anywhere they meet a visitor wearing their badge, such as at their hotels, social functions, or on shuttle transports.

Easy Data Capture: Exhibitors can choose the lead retrieval method that works best for them at the time, whether it involves scanning a barcode or entering the badge number using the telephone keypad.

How much will it cost? There is no hardware rental or fee for each lead scanned. There is a single fixed low fee per exhibiting company for the duration of the event - regardless of the duration.

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