ROI from Smart D8tahound

Trade shows are a financial investment whether you are an organiser or an exhibiting company.

All businesses aim to maximise the return on their investments and trade shows are no different.

Exhibiting companies look for sales leads, whilst organisers look for exhibitor retention.

Smart D8tahound helps deliver the ROI all parties are searching for.

Exhibiting Companies - ROI

There is much written on calculating ROI from trade show attendance and many tools available to help exhibiting company to calculate it. However they all have one thing in common - the initial need to capture, qualify and follow up on leads gathered at shows.

This is what Smart D8tahound does both simply and elegantly.

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Event Organisers - ROI

A trade show only exists to serve a market. Without companies with products and services to sell and attendees with a need to buy these same products and services, there is no tradeshow.

Organisers invest significant amounts launching and running events in the belief that the event serves a niche in their market.

Proving this investment is worthwhile to stakeholders in the event, exhibiting companies, shareholders, trade associations, government agencies among others, is more complicated than simply producing a glossy brochure and website.

Hard facts are needed to support claims and what better fact than the aggregated number of sales leads for the event - which over time give the organiser year on year and trend analysis.

Smart D8tahound supplies organisers with hard data, endorsing the event platform in the market it serves.

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